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HXN-XF,39顆LED大恒流高效LED驅動,可驅動3w led

HXN-XF】39顆LED大恒流高效LED驅動,可驅動3w led 下載HXN-XF規格書

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HXN-XF 詳細介紹

HXN-XF簡介:可驅動3w大功率大電流led,也常用于驅動0.3W、1W 3串2并大電流大功率LED。 0.3W 1W 大電流大功率LED驅動IC
The HXN-XF is a 600KHz PWM boost switching regulator designed for constant- current white LED driver applications. The HXN-XF   can drive a string of up to 7 white LEDs from a 2.8V supply or 45 white LEDs from a 5V supply in series, ensuring uniform brightness and eliminating several ballast resistors. The hxn-xf  implements a constant frequency 600KHz PWM control scheme. The high frequency PWM operation also saves board space by reducing external component sizes. To improve efficiency, the feedback voltage is set to 125mV, which reduces the power dissipation in the current setting resistor. 
Highly integration and internal compensation network minimizes as 5 external component counts. Optimized operation frequency can meet the requirement of small LC filters value and low operation current with high efficiency.

HXN-XF  Features
■ High Efficiency:96%
■ Large Switch current: 3A
■ Low  DSON of Switch mosfet : 70m Ω
■ 500KHz Frequency PWM Operation
■ Maximum Output Voltage up to 24V
■ Programmable LED Driver Current : 10mA  ~  1.2A
■ Operating R ange :1V to 20V
■ Wide R ange Output Voltage:3.2V-24V
■ Shutdown Supply Current: <1uA
■ A vailable in SOT23-6 Package  
■ Minimize the External Component
AG体育 ■ R oHS Compliant and 100% Lead (PB ) -Free

HXN-XF  Applications
■ WLED Black-light driver
■ MID/Portable DVD
■ Car Panel Backlight driver