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LT1949 詳細介紹

The LT1949 is a fixed frequency step-up DC/DC converter with a 1A, 0.5Ω internal switch. Capable of generating 10V at 175mA from a 3.3V input, the LT1949 is ideal for generating bias voltages for large screen LCD panels.Constant frequency 600kHz operation results in a low noise output that is easy to filter and the 30V switch rating allows output voltage up to 28V using a single inductor. An external compensation pin gives the user flexibility in optimizing loop compensation, allowing small low ESR ceramic capacitors to be used at the output. The 8-lead MSOP and SO packages ensure a low profile overall solution.
The LT1949 includes a low-battery detector that stays alive when the device goes into shutdown. Quiescent current in shutdown is 25µA, while operating current is 4.5mA.


• 1A, 0.5Ω, 30V Internal Switch
LT1949  Operates with VIN as Low as 1.5V
LT1949  600kHz Fixed Frequency Operation
LT1949  Low-Battery Detector Stays Active in Shutdown
LT1949  Low VCESAT Switch: 410mV at 800mA
LT1949  Pin-for-Pin Compatible with the LT1317B
LT1949AG体育  Small 8-Lead MSOP and SO Packages

• LCD Bias Supplies
• GPS Receivers
• Battery Backup
• Portable Electronic Equipment
• Diagnostic Medical Instrumentation