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MP1430 詳細介紹
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MP1430 引腳定義
1. MP1430--BS:High-Side Gate Drive Boost Input. BS supplies the drive for the high-side N-Channel MOSFET switch. Connect a 10nF or greater capacitor from SW to BS to power the high side switch. ;
2. IMP1430--N :Power Input. IN supplies the power to the IC, as well as the step-down converter switches. Drive IN with a 6V to 28V power source. Bypass IN to GND with a suitably large capacitor to eliminate
noise on the input to the IC;
3. MP1430--SW :Power Switching Output. SW is the switching node that supplies power to the output. Connect the output LC filter from SW to the output load. Note that a capacitor is required from SW to BS ;
to power the high-side switch.
4. MP1430--Ground. (Note: Connect the exposed pad on backside to Pin 4). ;
5. MP1430--FB:Feedback Input. FB senses the output voltage to regulate that voltage. Drive FB with a resistive voltage divider from the output voltage. The feedback threshold is 1.222V;
6. MP1430--COMP:Compensation Node. COMP is used to compensate the regulation control loop. Connect a series RC network from COMP to GND to compensate the regulation control loop. In some cases, an additional capacitor from COMP to GND is required.
7.MP1430--EN:Enable Input. EN is a digital input that turns the regulator on or off. Drive EN high to turn on the regulator, drive EN low to turn it off. An Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) function can be implemented by the addition of a resistor divider from VIN to GND. For complete low current shutdown its needs to be less than 0.7V. For automatic startup, leave EN unconnected
8.MP1430--SS:Soft-Start Control Input. SS controls the soft-start period. Connect a capacitor from SS to GND to set the soft-start period. A 0.1µF capacitor sets the soft-start period to 10ms. To disable the
AG体育 soft-start feature, leave SS unconnected.