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TP8052 詳細介紹

General Description:單節開關式鋰電池充電IC,內置MOS,充電電流可達1.5A,TDFN-10極小封裝。
The TP8052 is a complete switching battery charger for one (4.2V) cell lithium-ion battery. The TP8052 provides a small, simple and efficient solution to fast charge Li-ion battery. An external sense resistor sets the charge current with high accuracy. 1A充電IC 1.2A充電IC  1.5A鋰電池充電IC  單節PWM開關式鋰電池充電IC

The maximum charge current which programmed by a resistor is up to 1.5A. An internal resistor divider and recision reference set the final float voltage to 4.2V. When the input supply is removed, the TP8052 automatically enters a low current sleep mode. 
The TP8052 is available in the 10-Lead TDFN package.

● Input Voltage Range: 4.7V-6V
● End-Charge-Current Detection Output
● Constant Switching Frequency for Minimum Noise
● Automatic Battery Recharge
● Automatic Shutdown When Input Supply is Removed
● Automatic Trickle Charging of Low Voltage Batteries
● Battery Temperature Sensing
● Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitor
AG体育 ● 10-Lead TDFN Package

● Charging Docks
● Portable DVD,Handheld Instruments
● Portable Computers